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Why Savvy Zimbabweans Are Blogging (And You Should, Too!)


Why Savvy Zimbabweans Are Blogging (and why you should , too!)

Back in the day to succeed or make a name for yourself you needed to know someone important or come from a wealthy family with a good (recognised) name. To write, you had to convince the editor of the local daily. To get an audience with the Chief Executive, you had to go through plenty of gate-keepers. The security, the receptionist, the personal assistant and so on.

Times and the rules have changed.

The internet has freed us from this tyranny.

Now you can be whoever you want to be without going through traditional gate-keepers. New authorities, influencers and celebrities are being birthed by the internet aided by the mobile phone.

What is a Blog?

Is a digital version of a diary, magazine or even a newspaper. It provides a perfect platform to write, post photos and videos. It allows people to document their life, their passions and interests. The blog is allowing people to spread their ideas and showcase their talents and expertise.

Why Blog?

Blogging is an opportunity. One of the top bloggers in the world, Chris Brogan summed it up quite nicely when he said:

Every time you post, you build an opportunity. It might be for making business. It might be for sharing thought leadership. It might be the chance to build some new relationships. Mechanically, it might just be another attempt to gain better organic ranking from Google. But each post is opportunity.

What Do Successful Bloggers Write About?

Successful bloggers create content about the things that there are good at and sometimes passionate about. Larry Kwirirayi of 3-Men-On-A-Boat is extremely good at current affairs, news and entertainment.

Fungai James Tichawangana, a well-known blogger, and blogs about the latest happenings in that arts and culture on ZimboJam. He is now a major online influencer and was awarded Harvard Journalism Fellowship.

Nigel Mugamu, popularly known as Sir Nige  leads and shapes online dialogue to do with societal issues on Zimbabwe through the @263chat on social media. However, he realised that to really make an impact he needed his own infrastructure rather than ‘renting’ on Facebook and Twitter and therefore established the The 263chat blog.

What to Blog About?

The greatest fulfilment in life is when you find work that is play. Content Marketing and Social Media is a passion of mine. Despite the body struggling with tiredness and the mind screaming for more sleep I wake up at pre-dawn to write.

I find this easier to do when I think about living a life not confined by the office cubicle and doing what I enjoy which is sharing my thought leadership around my subject of interest. This gives the extra drive to continue writing.

The foundation to building a blog that is successful is to create consistent content that inspires, entertains, solves a need and educates. Successful blogs that started small like TechZim and TechnoMag are now mainstream media and attract thousands of readers every month.

Getting Started

Use your own domain name

I always say when you start blogging it is important that you begin with the end in mind. That means using your domain name from the start. When I started blogging, I use wordpress.com and it gave me a domain name that was a subset of their domain name www.tinashenyaruwanga.wordpress.com of course it no longer exists (don’t go looking for it). The problem with this is that it limits you if you intend to develop a personal brand.

Choose a template

Once you have set up your blog, you need to select and choose a template. WordPress has plenty of free templates you can use. But if you want you can also buy one for the ultimate experience and branding. I find using a template to be so much easier than using a web designer.

Choose Your Medium

Some prefer working with words, others prefer pictures and images and others Video. The beauty about blogging is you can choose whatever medium you are most comfortable with.

Enable Social Sharing

We now live in a sharing economy and by placing social sharing buttons on your site you make it easy for your audience to share your articles and expand your reach.

Publish consistently

There is nothing that frustrates your audience more than coming to your site and not finding new content. In order to build a community around your blog you need to consistently publish great content all the time. A publishing schedule helps.

Wrapping It Up

Do you want to be recognised as a thought leader or expert in your faield?? Are you ready to lead conversation in your industry? Then get start blogging and increase your chances of being discovered. I look forward to reading stories and experiences in your blogging journey. If you enjoyed this post, please share it with your friends and family.





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  • robert munjoma

    Well written, good encouragement Tinashe!

    • Tinashe Nyaruwanga

      Thanks Rob! I appreciate the sentiment.

  • The Goose

    “There is nothing that frustrates your audience more than coming to your site and not finding new content.”

  • http://royaltywebhosting.co.zw/ Royalty Webhosting Zimbabwe

    Using your own domain name is definitely a stepping stone to building your own brand and goes a long way. It might be time also for bloggers in Zimbabwe to build communities around themselves. We achieve more this way and better yet interact better.

    • Tinashe Nyaruwanga

      I agree, using an own domain name signals seriousness. It is easier for people to look to look at you as a professional when you use a self hosted domain name. Great contribution Tendayi.

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