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Twitter: 5 Tools to Get You Tweeting Like a Boss



Twitter: 5 Tools to Get You Tweeting Like a Boss

Twitter is famed for being the Cocktail party for the internet. A place where you can reach thousands or even millions of people unencumbered by the filtering algorithms on other social media sites like Facebook’s Edgerank which determine what you see and don’t. On Twitter you can see virtually all the posts or status updates of the people you are following. It’s raw and unregulated, a bit like the Wild Wild West. A place with few rules where you can jump into any conversation and make your voice heard. Despite the many advantages and power of Twitter many people do not know how to use it to their own benefit and take advantage of the tremendous opportunity it presents. So how do you begin to Tweet like a Boss? Here are some of the tips and tools you can use to start tweeting like one.

#1 Feedly

Many who are new to Twitter do not know what they ought to do. They do not know what to post or tweet. To be heard on Twitter you need to post at least three times in a day. That’s a lot of tweeting to do. You may be wondering if you are going to be tweeting as frequently as at least 3 times a day where are you going to get the content from. This is where Feedly comes in. Feedly is great for collating news, articles and content that might interest your audience. This helps you in increasing the engagement for your brand. Feedly will allow you to share great content so that people will actually look forward to your tweets.

 One more thing …

Feedly also helps you monitor the web for news about your brand or business, helping you manage your reputation.

#2 Tweetdeck

Tweetdeck provides a great interface for one to tweet, check direct messages, monitor mentions and check out activity on their timeline. What I particularly love about tweetdeck is its ability to monitor a keyword(s). Twitter: 5 Tools to Get You Tweeting Like a Boss For example, if I want to check up and follow all conversation about “Social Media” in my timeline I can set that up quite easily in Tweetdeck allowing me to see all conversations or tweets on the subject. This is quite handy for marketers as they can subtly contribute or suggest their product without being overly promotional.

#3 Hootsuite

If you are a blogger and you have evergreen content that you like to keep sharing over and over again, then Hootsuite is your go to app. It allows you to lay out your tweets on the Hootsuite scheduling dashboard and share them throughout the day. Better yet you can even schedule for a day or even a month in advance. A sure-fire way to ensure maximum exposure to your content.

One more thing …

Unlike other scheduling services you can upload and schedule tweets with images. This is great for enhancing visibility of your ensuring maximum impact.

#4 Buffer

Have you ever gone through a frustrating as this experience – you are browsing the web and you find a piece of content that you like to share, but there are no share buttons and you have to copy the link and paste it in your favourite Social Media app in order to share it? Twitter: 5 Tools to Get You Tweeting Like a Boss Well, Buffer solves this problem making it possible to instantly share a piece of content on the fly without going through the tedious process of copying a link and pasting it to share it. Better yet it you can queue the piece of content so it is shared later. Sound awesome doesn’t it?

#5 Tweepi

Finally, it can be lonely on Twitter particularly when you are getting started and you do not have any followers. One tool that I have found handy with regards to building and growing a targeted following and have written a lot about is Tweepi. This tool helps you analyse your followers and manage them more effectively. You can follow people with the same interests as yours. The great thing is that they are likely to follow back. This helps to grow your following. Putting it all together Twitter is so much fun with when you use third party apps that allow you to automate and become more efficient. Chances are that already using some of these or at least come across some of them, if you are not using them as they say the proof of the pudding is in the eating, you will do well to use them in in combination with each other. I look forward to hearing your experiences with these tools. One more thing… I would like to ask for a favour if you enjoyed this article kindly leave a comment below and share the article on your favorite social network.



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  • Chromatic Ensemble

    Good advice, very enlightening.
    On our way to tweeting like bosses.

    • Tinashe Nyaruwanga

      Thank you very much. Glad you enjoyed the article.

  • MhukaHuru

    Hootsuite does almost all the things the other tools specialise in, and I also like Sprout Social…

    • Tinashe Nyaruwanga

      Hootsuite is very helpful indeed. What is your experience with using Sprout Social.