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Zimbabwe Social Media Marketing Lessons You Can Learn From Fungisai

Social Media Marketing Lessons We Can Learn From Fungisai

Once the face of gospel music, Fungisai’s star had fallen so much that she had become a lightning rod for ridicule. Her waning star and diminishing status had nothing to do with her want of trying and effort rather people now found her songs stale, her message uninspiring, and rhythm

Content Marketing Tips – 5 Cues To Take From Zimbabwe Dancehall Music

Never mind your music preferences Zim-Dancehall has taken over music industry in Zimbabwe. Like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, Zim-dancehall has emerged from the abyss to become the poster face of Zimbabwean music and a lucrative one too. Artists like Tocky Vibes have bridged the

10 Reasons Why Social Media is not for You

  One of the most wondrous things seen at Google’s Complex is a real life Gigantic Dinosaur skeleton. Folklore has it that the founders Larry and Sergey put it there to remind Google staff that if they do not keep innovating they can become extinct like Dinosaurs. There is defini