Tinashe Nyaruwanga Social Media and Digital Marketing (Zimbabwe)

I help companies and individuals use Social Media, Content Marketing and all things Digital Marketing to drive sales and generate revenue as well as optimise their personal and company brands.

I have helped individuals and brands become visible through the power of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media sites.

Successful Digital Marketing requires the following things:

1. Growing and Engaging Large Social Networks

2. Creating relevant and helpful content

This can be achieved through crafting winning strategies and powerful tactics that are aligned to your audience’s goals and are relevant.

Our Services:

Social Media Marketing Strategy Formulation and Execution

Examples of those doing it well

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe 

Content marketing Strategy Formulation and Execution – includes Content Creation and Amplification

Examples of those doing it well

DHL Africa

Blogging Strategy and Services

Blogging is at the heart of a successful content marketing strategy. Businesses and individuals are beginning to realise the power of blogging in driving qualified leads and generating traffic. Blogging helps with Search Engine Ranking and positions you or your brand as an authority and expert in your industry and field.

Coaching and Mentoring

Here we help you implement and execute the strategy. We also coach your social media teams, help set up tools to save you time and money.


This can be tailored to meet your requirements and specifications.


We also conduct workshops that allow for deeper engagement and interaction. Attendees can ask questions and seek more clarification.

In summary we offer the following services.

Social media and Content Marketing Strategy and Consulting for business and brands including:
Content Marketing
Social Media
Digital Marketing
Mobile Marketing
Email Marketing
Inbound marketing
Permission marketing
Search Engine Optimisation
Building Mobile Responsive Websites