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How To Get 400,000 Twitter Impressions in one month

You joined Twitter hoping to drive your business goals or lead a certain cause.

How To Get 400,000 Twitter Impressions in one month


You have successfully created your Twitter account and sent out a few tweets. There has been a like here and a retweet there but nothing to write home about. You joined Twitter hoping to drive your business goals or lead a certain cause. You envisioned your brand with tons of followers and your audience engaging with your content.

But as time rolls by and reality begins to set in you realise you are way in over your head. The impact you thought you were going to create has not yet materialised. You are losing steam and a feeling of hopelessness is taking over.

Crestfallen and dejected, you take an indefinite hiatus from Twitter.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Twitter is a lot of things to different people. Sadly, a lot of people don’t take advantage of Twitter and its power to further their business goals.

It’s a shame.

Twitter is the most insistent brand connector the world has ever seen. Customers are always looking to make contact with brands on the platform to complain, praise or just tag the brand. It’s a great opportunity to build and nurture relationships with your clients or prospects.

To succeed on Twitter you must understand the nuances of the platform, have a distinct voice and find a way to push your business goals.


My case study goes 3 months back. After successfully growing my Twitter following to over 15K I was averaging around 2,800 twitter impressions per day, 3 Retweets, 6 likes and 2 replies per day. However, with the strategies I am going to tell you I am now averaging around 15,800 twitter impressions per day, 61 link clicks, 26 Retweets, 42 likes and 12 replies per day.

Below is a screenshot from Twitter Analytics

How to gain 400,000 Twitter Impressions in one month

Before you think of how you can increase your engagement on Twitter you need to understand that –

Context is more important than Content

Twitter is the place where a lot of news break.

The amusing thing though is that the best engagers on Twitter are people who are able to interpret and put their own positive (at times negative) spin on other people’s tweets, not necessarily those who break the news.

So how do you take advantage?

Remix other people’s tweets and put your own Signature style

Your success on twitter is not exactly based on the actual content you produce. But what will set you apart is being able to remix a Tweet and put it in your own signature style making the tweet more memorable and powerful than the original tweet.

This is a great way to add your unique context whilst differentiating and piquing people’s interest.

The only way to differentiate yourself and pique people’s interest is through your unique context

Have a Voice

When people go on Twitter or any other social network they are not going there to be marketed to but rather they are going there to get value and engage with other users. As such as a brand you need to provide value and have a unique voice.

This obviously depends on the personality of the brand. A brand which has a daring or excitable personality needs to adopt a witty or fun tone.

Post frequently and consistently on Twitter

A lot of brands on Twitter have a dilemma when they it comes to posting on Twitter. They worry that posting too much will annoy their audiences while posting too little will not have the desired effect.

The key is found somewhere in between and having the right balance.

I find using the DrumUp app, a social media and content curation app, makes posting content and scheduling posts a breeze.

It is quite simple to use.

In addition to scheduling my own blog articles and posts, I use it to find articles and posts around my area of interest that I think my audience would find interesting. This adds variety to my posts and makes my tweets more interesting and valuable to my audience.

To access fresh content suggestions you can easily do that from the Content Tab. See what posts you are interested in and select schedule to create a custom post or us e the 1-Click schedule.

How to gain 400,000 Twitter Impressions in one month: drum up

Post Tweets with Images

Visuals are processed 60,000 faster than text by the human brain and 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. Generally tweets with images out-perform tweets with text only. To remove the hassle associated with sending pics frequently and consistently I again use Drum Up.

It makes sharing images a breeze.

Your Turn

Twitter is a lot more exciting when you engage with people whether you are a person or brand. Using the above strategies I am sure you will achieve your goals. I look forward to reading your comments and please do share the article with friends and colleagues.




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