Tinashe Nyaruwanga Social Media and Digital Marketing (Zimbabwe)


Blogger, strategist and speaker

I work with companies and executives to optimize their online personal and company brands with digital, content and social media marketing.
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This can be tailored to meet your requirements and specifications includes Keynote speeches and expert panels on Digital Marketing


I use all story channels from social, mobile and online to tell stories that meets the clients objectives

Marketing Mentor

I help you implement and execute the strategy. I also coach your social media teams, help set up tools to save you time and money.

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William Chui Head TechZim | Founder Pindula

15 Zim Experts Give Their Digital Marketing Predictions for 2017

A new year heralds a new season, fresh beginnings and a chance to start over. There is so much excitement and energy that comes with it. We greet each new year with excitement and glee because of the new experiences, opportunities and relationships we look forward to. Most of us canno
How to Produce Outstanding Content on Social Media Everytime!

How to Create Great Content on Social Media

Do you obsess with the number of views your video is watched? The number of hits your article generates or the number of likes or retweets it gets? Chances are if you are a content producer you probably do. For the longest time, it was the traditional media print, radio and TV that we

Social Media and #ThisFlag: What You Can Learn from Evan Mawarire

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past month or so you are probably aware of the growing social juggernaut and movement #ThisFlag led by Pastor Evan Mawarire. Such has been the impact that businesses and economic activities ground to a halt for a full day with the prote
Zimbabwe Social Media Marketing Lessons You Can Learn From Fungisai

Social Media Marketing Lessons We Can Learn From Fungisai

Once the face of gospel music, Fungisai’s star had fallen so much that she had become a lightning rod for ridicule. Her waning star and diminishing status had nothing to do with her want of trying and effort rather people now found her songs stale, her message uninspiring, and rhythm
How to gain 400,000 Twitter Impressions in one month

How To Get 400,000 Twitter Impressions in one month

You have successfully created your Twitter account and sent out a few tweets. There has been a like here and a retweet there but nothing to write home about. You joined Twitter hoping to drive your business goals or lead a certain cause. You envisioned your brand with tons of follower
Social Media Campaign

How to Design a Social Media Campaign That People Actually Love

It took 38 years before 50 million gained access to radios. It took television 13 years to earn an audience of that size, Facebook 3 and half years, Instagram a year and half, while Angry Birds only took just 35 days. This statistics are altering the marketing landscape. Traditional m
2016 Social media predictions for Zimbabwe

2016 Social Media Predictions and Trends from Zimbabwe Experts

The digital era is here. Social Media is now the part of our personal and business lives. The dawn of social media is changing the landscape. A lot of the things that worked in the past no longer work today. They are a distant but fond memory. The social web, micro blogging and digita
10 Steps to create a killer blog post

10 Steps To Create A Killer Blog Post

So you want to be a blogger? Your brain is buzzing with ideas of your first blog post. You are so excited and enthralled by the notion of sharing your ideas and creativity with the rest of the world. You cannot wait to structure them into words and sentences to tell your story. But wh
7 Reasons Why Blogging Can Change Your Life and Career

7 Reasons Why Blogging Can Change Your Life and Career

Blogging seems to be one of the latest catchwords around. If you are reading this article chances are either you are a blogger or at least thinking of starting a blog.  Or maybe you are just curious and want to quench your curiosity. Blogging is a cutting edge communications platform
Twitter: 5 Tools to Get You Tweeting Like a Boss

Twitter: 5 Tools to Get You Tweeting Like a Boss

  Twitter is famed for being the Cocktail party for the internet. A place where you can reach thousands or even millions of people unencumbered by the filtering algorithms on other social media sites like Facebook’s Edgerank which determine what you see and don’t. On Twitter you
Why Savvy Zimbabweans Are Blogging (and why you should , too!)

Why Savvy Zimbabweans Are Blogging (And You Should, Too!)

Back in the day to succeed or make a name for yourself you needed to know someone important or come from a wealthy family with a good (recognised) name. To write, you had to convince the editor of the local daily. To get an audience with the Chief Executive, you had to go through plen
9 Things Zimbabwean Love To Share on Social Media But Shoulnt (Why Shouldn't Too)

9 Things Zimbabweans Love To Share On Social Media But Shouldn’t (And Why You Shouldn’t)

The mobile social revolution is upon us. For the first time ever we live in an age where the ability to create and publish content is no longer restricted. We are entering a new age where people consume information from people they like , trust and care about most. We are no longer re

Content Marketing Tips – 5 Cues To Take From Zimbabwe Dancehall Music

Never mind your music preferences Zim-Dancehall has taken over music industry in Zimbabwe. Like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, Zim-dancehall has emerged from the abyss to become the poster face of Zimbabwean music and a lucrative one too. Artists like Tocky Vibes have bridged the
The state of ecommerce in Zimbabwe Food world

The State of E-commerce in Zimbabwe

New technologies change business and life radically, but usually it takes a bit longer than people expect for the full effects and changes to kick in. These changes often come about in waves. Mobile money was first introduced in Zimbabwe in 2010 but was perfected circa 2012. It took s
5 Content Marketing Tactics You can learn from Mayweather

5 Content Marketing Lessons You Can learn From Floyd Mayweather

The fight between the two best fighters of their generation, the fight that took close to a decade in the making, the one everyone craved and wanted to see finally did happen. And oh boy, what a spectacle it was. Regardless of whether you an avid boxing fan or you believe that there i