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8 Things You Are Doing On Social Media To The Detriment of Your Career


Things you are doing to the detriment of your career

Back in the day people used to say – At the speed of light but now, it’s at the ‘speed of a Tweet.’ It is said that people in New York received tweets about an east coast earthquake 30 seconds before they felt it.

Social Media is Ubiquitous

Social Media is now an extension of our lives and is so popular that if it were a country it will be the fourth largest country in the world after China, India and United States. Publishing is now as easy as typing in your message on LinkedIn or Facebook and hitting the publish button. Big giant Media houses used to be the gatekeepers of information, but now everyone with a smartphone and the internet is a media house. Ashton Kutcher beat CNN in a Twitter Race to be the first to have 1 million fans. Radio and TV took 38 years and 13 years respectively to reach 50 million users but Facebook only took 9 months to add 100 million users.

Mobile Addiction

The social media and the internet have permeated our lives so much that it almost feels like an addiction. Leaving home without your phone seems unthinkable. In fact, some suffer from nomophobia which is the fear of being separated from your phone. The fact is, mobile phone is now a conduit of information from reading email and connecting with the world through social media. The use of mobile phones have made it easier to tweet, pin, post and update our social media accounts.

Social Media for Recruitment

Social Media particularly LinkedIn is increasingly being used by Head hunters and employers to recruit future employees. In this post I look at some of things that you might do or say on social media that might have a negative bearing on your career.

#1 You are Overly Negative

They say a bad apple can spoil the whole basket. No one likes negative people. Robert Greene says in the 48 Laws of Power stay away from Negative people and the unlucky. The fact is no likes negative people and neither will your future employers.

#2 You always complain about your job

A bad attitude is like a bad tire, if you do not change it you will never go anywhere. Need I say more?

#3 Posting Wild Photos of you and friends

When you are at a party and drunk, the temptation is there to share how much you are having fun with your friends. Though there is nothing wrong with drinking, posting pictures about how you sloshed you are, might be suicidal for your career, the same with other wild photos.

#4 Spending too much time on Social Media

If you do not work in digital marketing or any field which uses social media a lot, being seen on Facebook 24/7 might give the impression that you are not working. So be careful.

#5 Say things online you cannot say to your boss

If you cannot say something to your boss at the office, then you have no business saying it online.

#6 Sharing insensitive material online

Most companies have Social Media Policy with guidelines on what is acceptable and not acceptable. You do not want to end up like Justin Sacco so go through the policy and adhere to it.

#7 Sharing Company Secrets

This one is a no-brainer. Never ever leak sensitive company information online.

#8 Being on Social Media during meetings

Social Media is addictive I know. No matter how curious you are to check your Facebook or Twitter, wait until the meeting is over. Going on Facebook during meetings is a sign of disrespect.

Thanks for reading this far! I I hope you found value in it. If you found this info to be valuable, I’d really love you to share this with your network and as well your friends and family.



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  • Miss Melody

    Hi Tinashe. Great blog! I love the look..! I love your writing skill (blogger to blogger).

    You are so on point with this article. Even more so on point with point #5 (Saying things online you cant say to your boss). I guess this is one of the many reasons i decided to go the Entrepreneurial route….the idea that somebody not only owns my 8-5 hours but also owns ‘my voice’.

    The truth is that even as an Entrepreneur you still need to be careful with speech and ultimately your brand….but at least its at your own terms and you are building your own vision.

    Thanks for sharing :-)

    • admin

      Thank you very much. I appreciate the sentiment. You are right, as an entrepreneur your brand can make and break your business just like it can your career if someone is employed.